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I like to make my prints from blocks which are individually shaped so I can place them on the page in different places to build up a composition. Sometimes I will print a block onto tissue paper by hand then cut it out and use these to arrange a composition before embarking on the print. My favourite inks are Lawrence’s relief inks. The have a lovely fine texture and are highly pigmented.

The ink should be rolled onto the block in multiple thin layers rather than trying to build up a thick tacky coat which will often slide and can become uneven. I do use their extender but I find Caligo with its runnier texture can sometimes be useful for making transparent colours to use one on top of the other to show the cutting marks and textures and to create a third colour.

Placing the block on top of the paper instead of on the bed with the paper on top is preferable because it helps (but doesn’t eliminate the problem of the paper becoming embossed by the block) I sometimes use paper stencils through which I print using lino, cork tiles and even corrugated card.

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