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I have since early childhood drawn and made compulsively and I have continued to do so throughout my life.
My first linocut, made at school for “A” level from six different blocks started my love of relief printmaking. It was burnished by hand onto some precious Japanese paper my teacher gave me and I was completely smitten.

I went to Ravensbourne College of Art and Design where my degree in Fashion Textiles led me into a career as a knitwear designer. It meant I could still draw, design textiles and maintain a semblance of creativity within the pressurised, cut-throat world of fashion retail.

When at last I was able to carve out creative time for myself I began teaching the Papermaking course at Morley College where I was lucky enough to be able to enrol on the various printmaking courses available.
After delving into lithography, relief and etching, I came to the conclusion that I must choose one method alone to improve my skills and use this as a means for exploring my artistic endeavours.

At first all my prints had to be made at Morley with only a very little time to make any work at all. Luckily Michelle Avison who now runs the printmaking department there has opened up Slaughterhaus printmaking studio in Stockwell where members can print in a less crowded dedicated space and I began spending more time there and showing work at Wandsworth Artists Open House.
Now I live in East Sussex I have my own large relief press and have the unbelievable privilege of being able to make prints in my own dedicated print room.

I am a passionate believer in drawing as the beginning of any and every artistic process and something we all find difficult to fit in to our overstretched existence. I now attend life drawing classes with the marvellous Julian Le Bas which helps with my forays into drawing in the landscape (must do more, even if the weather is bad!)
At last I have more time to explore subjects and ideas for my prints through the mark making of drawing, the shapes and textures around me and my first attempts at paining in watercolour and acrylics.

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